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You can customize the Directory tab layout and content of the workspace search form. The Layout header displays the tabs available


Click this tab to configure the form layout for Matter Profile and the bulk profile update form for Workspace - Analytics, Folder- Analytics, Document-Analytics and more. Click the Add Form button in the top right corner

In the Add Form window, add information in the provided fields, based on the table below, then click Save.

Column Name Description
Form Name

Enter a name for the form. This name is displayed in the Forms layout tab.

Form Type

Select the form type. Based on the type selected here the form will be available for selection in the Analytics tab when executing a query against Document, Folder, or Workspace.

Where to be displayed?

Select where the form will be displayed. These forms can be displayed on the Matters, Analytics, Generate-Template wizard, Documents or Workspace tab.


Click Add New to add metadata. Read here for detailed instructions to add metadata.


Allows you to add users/groups that can access the form created here. Click Add New to add the access details.

Column Name Description
User/Group Select if the permission is to be assigned to a user or group.
Select a User/Group Select the user/ group from the drop-down. To select a user, either click the drop-down menu and select from the list or manually enter the name, which will auto-complete if the user is added in the Users & Groups tab.

Set permission based on CAM Roles. Common CAM roles are Admin, Editor, and Watcher.

Expiration Date Specify the expiry date of access to the user/ group.
Edit Forms In the Forms Tab, click the Edit button in the far right column. The Edit Form window is displayed. Make the necessary changes and click Update. Click Delete to remove form.

The following types of forms can be displayed on a per user basis in the User interface of CAM:

After setting the access of the forms a user can access, if there are multiple forms of one type a user can access, upon going to the page, there will be a dropdown for the user to select which form to display on the upper right of the page.

Out of the box Forms

The following forms will be automatically loaded upon tenant creation.

Required Permissions

Permissions Allows User To
View Layout View the layout option in Administration (Hides the Layout option)

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.