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Log Center

The Log center allows you to access the log files of all jobs uploaded to CAM. The log center provides a filter option to narrow the entries shown to a particular set of results. You can also export the content of any log to Excel, or click the Copy option in the Action menu to copy the log entry contents onto your clipboard. This can be helpful when contacting Prosperoware Support regarding an issue.

Access Log Center

Required Permissions

Permissions Allows User To
View Logs

To view Log Center option in the Administration tab.

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.

Filter and Display Options

You can configure various filter and display options from the bar at the top of the page. Set any filter as required and click the Search button. To clear the page filters click the Clear Filter button. The following filter options are available.

To set the number of records to be displayed per page, select from the drop-down in the top right corner of the page. Options available are 10,20, 50, and 100. Click the icon to manually refresh the page when a new job is uploaded and to update the log details.

Log Type

The list of information displays in the following columns:

Column Name Description

Click the icon to open the row to view details of the log. Details include:

  • Log Type
  • Request ID
  • Function Name
  • Message
  • Process Name
  • Created Date

The type column indicates the log type.

- Info Log

- Warn log

- Error log


The job upload date


Describes the details of the uploaded job

User Displays the user name who uploaded the job
Source Displays the source DMS
Action Click the Action menu to Copy the log details to a clipboard or to Delete the log.

Click the Export to Excel button to export the log details to an Excel file.