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Account Management

For a user to be able to interact with CAM, he or she must have a user account and user privileges assigned in CAM. Only a CAM Admin user will have access to the Account Management page. The Account Management menu options allow the admin to create user accounts, users groups, assign roles and permissions to access all/specific service modules in CAM.

Access Account Management

  • To access this screen, in CAM, go to the quick actions icon with 9 cubes, click on the Account Management

Account Management Menu

Action Menu Name Description
Users Provides the ability to add users and set the preferred service for the user.
Groups Provides the ability to add user groups and set the preferred service for the user group.

Provides the ability to add a user role and assign permissions to the role.

Inside the Account Management menu, the user can search for users, groups or roles. Search fields shown in the search bar, are users, groups and roles.

Filtering From Account Management

A filter is newly available to allow users to filter accounts from Account Management.

Note: The filter is case sensitive due to DynamoDB limitations.

CAM Login Lock-out Feature

Within CAM, there is a lock-out feature so that users will be disabled after three attempts if they continue to enter an incorrect password. If the user needs a password reset, or to re-enable their account after the three attempts, they will need to contact their system administrator.


For administrative users, they can enable users to configure their account lockout options.

To Edit the LockOut options:

Open Settings from Account Management.

If permission View-Account-Settings is granted for the user, the options for Configuring Account Lockout are present.

Choose Yes for enabling account lockout. No for not enabling account lockout.

If choosing yes, the following options appear.

The lock-out notice will appear on the sign-in page like this: