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Background Jobs

This page displays a list of all the notification schedules for the Analytics Email.

Access Background Jobs

The list of information displays in the following columns:

Column Name Description
Name Displays the name entered in the Analytics> Email Template notification job name.

Displays the email notification type. Click the column header to filter by

  • All : Displays all email notification
  • Expiry: Displays the expired email notification jobs only
  • Notification: Displays the notification jobs only.

Displays the schedule set for the email to be triggered, as configured in Analytics> Email Template.

Last Trigger Date Displays the date when the email was last sent by the system.
Next Trigger Date Displays the next trigger date for the email to be sent, as configured in Analytics> Email Template.
Status Displays the email trigger status. Click the column header to filter by
  • All: Displays all status.
  • Enabled: Displays enabled status notification jobs only
  • Disabled: Displays disabled status notification jobs only
Option Description
Reschedule Select to edit the email trigger schedule.
Enable Select to enable the notification.
Logs Select to view the email notification logs.

Required Permissions

Permissions Allows User To
View Background Jobs

To view Background Jobs option in the Administration tab.

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.