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Configure Analytics

Queries Tab

Users can directly create or edit existing SQL queries by clicking the New Query or Existing Queries buttons, respectively, under Queries tab.

Note: Following columns are required when querying data from document, audit, folder, folder_content, colder_version, document_version. These columns are required to perform Query Menu Options on a queried result.

Column Names:'extId', 'extContainerId', 'number', 'version', 'folderType', 'system', 'systemInstance' .

Also, update existing saved queries with these required fields.

Query Results Menu Options

Analytics Database Tables and Column Descriptions

Analytics Reports

The Analytics reports displays graphs based on the content mirror tasks completed and data available from the source destination. You can also create and add customized graphs for each of the tabs. The graphs can be downloaded as a PDF/CSV file. In absence of any data to display, a No Data label is displayed in the place-holders for charts / graphs.

Note: A Data Sync task must be configured and run to update the analytics reports tab.

You can use the Period filter, in the top right corner to change the time period for which you are viewing the data. Hover your cursor over any of the graph/ chart to see the count /percentage values. Use the slider bar under the charts to change the display of data in the x axis. Click the icon on the top right corner of the charts/graphs to download the reports as a PDF file or a CSV file.

Tip: Select the CSV option to download and view the data values inside the charts/graphs. Select the PDF option to download and view the graphs/charts as displayed in the screen.