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About Data Uploader

Data Uploader is a CAM windows utility to read data from your on-premises document management, billing or NBI or Active Directory system and upload the information to the CAM cloud for processing. Based on the rules, metadata properties, and configurations set up CAM will create or update workspaces, users, groups, and group membership across all specified systems.

Note: For each task added via the Data Uploader, a job is queued in the Jobs tab which will then be further processed by CAM. No changes are ever made to your on-premises database.

Data Uploader Process to install or upgradeWorkflow

  1. Download the Data Uploader from Administration tab>Downloads-> Data Uploader.

Required Permissions

Permissions Allows User To
View Data Uploader

To download Data Uploader from the Administration tab->Downloads.

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.