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Using Data Uploader

The following is a guide to configuring and using data uploader. The sections are in the order of the steps to configure.

User Account Requirements

Accessing Data Uploader

To Download and Install Data Uploader

  1. Download the Data Uploader EXE installer from CAM>Administration-> Downloads tab (login required) to a temporary location.
  2. Navigate to the download location and double-click the program to start the installer.
  3. Note: First run Data Uploader as admin for the first time, then subsequent runs can be with the logged in user account.

External System Configuration

Note: Before you start using the Cloud Data Uploader, you must configure the external systems. Once you successfully complete the initial CAM configuration, you can configure incremental imports on a regular basis to keep CAM synchronized with your billing system.

Tip: See the External System Configuration page for more information to set up the source DMS and map the Metadata.