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About External System Configuration

The External Systems Configuration screen allows you to add the server details of the external systems to be accessed for provisioning. When you configure the external systems you can define the default workspace rules and templates, and define the metadata to be applied to the workspaces. To access this screen, click the Administration tab and select External System Configuration.

In the External Systems Configuration page, click the Settings option to view the list of external systems supported by CAM.

CAM currently supports the following systems:

Each of the external system must be configured separately. In the Settings page, check the box next to the external system, click Save to add it to the tab menu options (in the center of the page) as a clickable link.

Click the icon or click the x on the top right corner, to return to the main Administration menu.

Note: To configure the external systems, the user must have credentials to validate the external system server configurations.

Required Permissions

Permissions Allows User To
View External Systems

To view External System Configuration option in the Administration tab

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.

External System Setup Workflow

  1. Click the Settings tab and select the External System to be configured
  2. The selected external system(s) are added as a tab on the page. Click the relevant tab to configure the server set up.
  3. Add the server configuration and validate credentials.
  4. The external system metadata is auto-mapped to CAM. Click Manage in the Metadata column to add and map additional metadata from CAM to the external system.
  5. Define the default workspace name rules and select the template to be applied to the workspaces. (The folder structure must be defined in the Template Editor)
  6. You can also define additional folder metadata to be applied.

External System Default Group Rules

Users can define a default group rule set for security to be applied for workspaces from an external system, if no specific security was passed in Data Sync or in Data Upload. Only one default can be set, but you can setup additional rules.

Permission needed: View Default Group Rule. Visit Role Permissions for Users & Groups.htm for the permission description.

To add a new Default Group Rule:

  1. Open up External System Configuration panel from Administration.
  2. Open up one of the external system configurations. For example, iManage or NetDocuments.
  3. In the screen scroll to the section Default Group Rules.
  4. Click Add New
  5. Complete the information:

Click Save.

To import/ export the Source System configuration: