Configure External Systems > iManage


CAM integrates with the iManage Work Cloud and an on-premises iManage environment.

You can add and manage multiple iManage servers, define the workspaces naming convention, the templates rules to be applied, and the default folder metadata.

Warning: The Client ID & the Client Secret ID must be updated in the IManage Control Center (IMCC) to support API Authentication and enable CAM to integrate with the iManage Server. Read here for detailed instructions to update the Client ID & Secret ID.


Configuring User Access for Metadata but not Documents

For iManage, create an NRTAdmin account in iManage that does not have the View Document permission granted to the role. That allows CAM to read all metadata but cannot download or view the document or its content.

Note: If this is setup, the CAM export feature or Data Sync export job cannot be used for this account. You can use Desktop Export, or setup Data Sync with another account with rights.